Plastic HTC One M8 variant in works?

Plastic HTC One M8 variant in works?

HTC may be working on a plastic version of the All New One (M8). According to reports coming out of China, this variant will have almost identical specs with the only (and important) difference in the camera technology. Instead of boasting two Ultrapixel cameras, this model will have a more standard 13-megapixel shooter on the back. Rest of the specs are apparently the same and include the potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core chip, 2GB of RAM, 5-inch full HD screen, 4G LTE connectivity support and so on.

As far as we (don’t) know this could be the next phone in the Butterfly series though again – we’re not sure how it will be known at the end. We did hear that in China it will sell for around 3,000 Yuan (about $483) whereas the regular HTC One M8 has been launched with a price tag of 5,299 Yuan ($893). You can clearly see the premium HTC is asking for the aluminum body and its camera technology. Are those two things worth all that money? You be the judge…

[Via: G4Games]

  • Bevis Cornholio

    Hmm. I think I’ll have this version no problem.
    HTC are seriously being pathetic. Why would u keep having a rubbish UltraPixel camera. They say they listen to their customers which is err rubbish. We all want the HTC ONE 2, but most are put off by its camera when you wish to view on large screens or even zoom, try printing a n a3 size photo for home use wot ever it’s no way as good as a 10mp lens. Anyway bottom line us I can live with a non metal body and swap for a 13mp camera because the phone is always going to be in a rubber case as all my nice phones are.

    Only down side to big camera is sending files via wotsapp etc but who who cares. U got a HTC one 2 with a 13mp camera in a rubber case. I’m more than happy to buy it. Hell even wrap the plastic in carbon fibre vinyl yeah baby..

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