Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to sport a 3-sided Youm screen?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to sport a 3-sided Youm screen?

Samsung will launch its next Note phablet in the second half of the year, and we’re hoping this device will have much more than faster chip, higher-res screen and more RAM.

According to the Korean media, the upcoming Note 4 may add something extra to the mix, featuring Samsung’s three-sided “Youm” flexible display. This in turn could allow some apps to rely on “side screens” to serve notifications and messages, leaving the “main” screen for the app at hand. Moreover, we could get some advanced touch controls, ability to fire-up different apps and start services without actually turning on the phone’s screen. Or, even better, Samsung may come-up with some innovative use cases we still can’t imagine.

Sounds pretty cool and definitely the step in right direction. We need something to re-shape the current mobile market which is all about specs wars. Can’t wait. 😉

[Via: G4Games, ZDnet Korea]

  • mobile application development. happy to hear this new . its
    futures are so good . like screen, sound
    and more fast . current samsung are fast process and more useage . i think this
    products are fill the user needs .. three-sided “Youm”
    flexible display is nice future I think .

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