Toshiba unveils world’s fastest microSD memory card

Toshiba unveils world's fastest microSD memory card

Toshiba announced what it says is the world’s fastest microSD memory card. Featuring the UHS-II interface defined in the SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 4.2, the new card is able to capture videos at constant minimum write speeds of 30MB/s. Available in 32GB and 64GB variants, these cards have 8 times faster write speeds and 2.7 times faster read speeds than Toshiba’s current microSD UHS-I cards.

More precisely, the 32GB microSD memory card can attain 130 MB/s when writing data and 145 MB/s when reading; while the 64GB card can sustain 240 MB/s when writing and 260 MB/s when reading.

The new cards are obviously made for the onslaught of new video generated with today’s powerful camera phones, many of which are able to record video at 4K screen resolution. With one of these sitting in your phone, you’ll make sure not a single frame is missed. No word on pricing and availability, though.

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