Video: LG G Flex Flexibility Tested, Survives 1000 lbs of Pressure

The LG G Flex lives up to its claims of being the most flexible smartphone around, as chronicled by a new torture test video from Consumer Reports. While LG’s tests concluded that the G Flex could withstand 88 lbs. of pressure for 100 repetitions, Consumer Reports wanted to take the flexible smartphone for a bit of a bumpier ride than LG did. Using a Instron compression test machine, the Consumer Reports team quickly found that the G Flex could withstand more than 88 lbs of pressure. They decided to see how far they could go before breaking the G Flex, increasing the pressure in 50 lb increments. The G Flex was still functional after having 1000 lbs of pressure put on it, and the team decided to call it a day.

Check out the LG G Flex flexibility test below.

via: Consumer Reports

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