Low-cost Nexus phone to rock MediaTek’s 64-bit chip?

Low-cost Nexus phone to rock MediaTek's 64-bit chip?

Just the other day we’ve told you that Google may be working on an affordable Nexus device, one that will use a chip made by MediaTek, rather than Qualcomm. Guess what? That chip could sport a 64-bit architecture with four or eight cores.

MediaTek unveiled its 64-bit offering a few months ago and now they seem ready for prime time. According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the chip maker is delighted with the deal, hoping it could help in reaching new vendors which in turn could launch devices in the Western hemisphere. At the same time, it’s also a sort of privilege to have a chip inside a Nexus device.

Only a few of the major handset makers are relying on MediaTek-made gear — including Sony and HTC — and even they opt to use these products in their low-cost products for the world’s emerging markets. With Google on its side, MediaTek may finally find its way to the West, big time.

However, we’re not sure whether this upcoming Nexus phone — which will reportedly have a price tag of $100 — will be “stuck” to the fast-growing economies or it will be available all around the world. If it ends up selling in the West, the low-cost Nexus could help Google expand its reach among the price conscious consumers, eventually getting more addicts to its services. We’ll see how that goes…

[Via: G4Games]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Yup, this sort of phone would be popular in Asia and Latin America. Perhaps even Africa.

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