Samsung struggling to make its apps popular

Samsung struggling to make its apps popular

You know how Samsung adds a ton of apps to every one of its phones and tablets. Guess what? The majority of folks don’t use these apps, like at all.

According to the market research firm Strategy Analytics, more often than not Samsung device owners prefer to use other popular apps rather than go for those made by the Korean company.

Unsurprisingly the list of most popular apps used by Samsung device owners includes those made by Google, as well as Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook alone is used for 11 hours a month; in comparison, Samsung’s apps are used for an average of seven minutes a month.

So what could Samsung do about this? The answer is simple – make better apps, and if that’s not possible for some reason, take the “other route” and acquire companies that make the world’s most popular apps. Or team-up with app makers.

Samsung wants to offer a unified experience across devices and platforms, but some things are obviously not working as planned. While we get their idea to make their own apps — and keep the high margins — perhaps the trick would be return to the way of partnership, and include apps and services people will actually use. The recent deal with Amazon over a Kindle store may the first step in this direction. Another example is to include content from TripAdvisor to its travel service. We’ll see how that goes…

[Via: TheVerge]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It makes perfect sense to me. Users are boycotting bloatware.

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