Oppo Smart Lens which turns any phone into a DSLR camera coming soon

Oppo Smart Lens

Sony may not be the only vendor offering a Smart Lens for long; Oppo is working on a similar product as we speak. And as you can see from the images here, this handy accessory will be able to turn any phone into a full-blown DSLR camera. Actually, we’re hoping that an Oppo-made device won’t be required.

Anyhow, it is said that this Smart Lens will quickly connect to other phones via NFC, allowing folks to use the phone’s screen as viewfinder. Included in the deal will be a 16-megapixel camera sensor with 10x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilization, and perhaps even a Wi-Fi connectivity which could come-in handy when moving files from the Lens to your computer or the Internet. Or you can simply move files from an SD card to a laptop. It’s your call.

No word when Oppo will launch this Smart Lens and we can only hope this will be a short wait. Stay tuned as we bring you more.

[Via: GizChina]

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