Amazon smartphone be launched with Prime Data on AT&T

Amazon smartphone be launched with Prime Data on AT&T

Looks like the fancy 3D UI won’t be the only thing going for Amazon’s smartphone. The online retailer turned infrastructure provider will launch its device exclusively with AT&T with a unique Prime Data plan. We’re still not sure what will be included with this plan, but chances are users will get a free access to Amazon’s suite of services as part of the deal.

In that sense, the Prime Plan may be similar to AT&T’s infamous “Sponsored Data” offering though we expect people to like it much more. Chances are Amazon will sweeten the deal for its regular customers, making its smartphone that much more appealing. Moreover, some video/music service could also come included with the Prime Plan.

At the moment, Amazon Prime subscribers get unlimited streaming of the various TV shows and movies contained within the Prime Instant Video catalog. This video content can be streamed to computers or to TVs, set-top boxes and smartphones using the Amazon Instant Video app.

[Via: BGR]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This could be an amazing phone… with an amazing plan. AT&T would be stupid to miss the opportunity.

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