Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with QHD screen launching “around June?”

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with QHD screen launching around June?

Samsung’s J.K. Shin couldn’t kill the rumors of the Galaxy S5 Prime. Or that’s Galaxy F series, we’re not really sure, but we do keep getting signals that such device is still in development.

As you may’ve heard before, this will Samsung’s first phone with 2K / QHD screen with resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It’s likely that some more powerful chip than Snapdragon 801 which is powering the Galaxy S5 (some versions at least) will run the show, and that could easily be Snapdragon 805 or even 64-bit 810.

According to Korean media, such device will be unveiled “around June,” which is like month and a half from now. And we tend to think that makes perfect sense considering that even before that we’ll see LG launching its G3 flagship. Samsung will want to have a similar device on the market to stay relevant. That’s common sense, though that doesn’t always translates into common practice.

It wouldn’t be the first time a tech company’s executive said something so obviously false. Just remember Steve Jobs saying that they [Apple] felt the original iPad doesn’t need a front-facing camera. And what do you know, the iPad 2 fixed that part, enabling video talks along the way.

Anyhow, we’re looking forward to see J.K. Shin eating his words even though he’ll be laughing his way to the bank rather than caring about what the media is saying.

[Via: G4Games]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This is what Galaxy S5 should’ve been!

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