Google working on dual-wielding Google Glass?

Google working on dual-wielding Google Glass?

One-eyed Google Glass may be just the beginning with the search giant working on a dual-wielding model as we speak. A newly unveiled patent filing with the USPTO suggests something of that sort, hinting us Google is looking to add an extra dimension to the Glass.

You can already see objects in 3D while not staring at the Glass, but with an extra screen you can get custom graphics added to the people and places in front of you, with that computer-generated information and graphics showing relative to the surrounding objects.

On the other hand, the second display makes the Glass look less attractive and more geek-y. Some users will like it for all the extra features they’ll get in return, while others will hate the look and feel of this product… presuming it’s ever released, that is. As that’s usually the case, just because there’s a patent filing, that doesn’t mean we’ll see the actual product launch. We are, however, certain the search giant is working to further improve its Glass product and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat. Just stay tuned to IntoMobile. 😉

Google working on dual-wielding Google Glass?

[Via: GGlassDay, phandroid]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    The current design is much better. With two screens you would be bumping on people on the streets all the time.

  • About time a second display was added. Who wants to look at a display out of only one eye?

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