Video: Is This the iPhone 6? Purported Machine Model Shows Up on Video

Is this the machine model of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6? It’s certainly possible, and is reality according to 86Digi. The Chinese website posted a hands-on video early today which shows off a mock-up of a supposed iPhone 6 machine model, based off of real machine templates. 86Digi claims, “insiders tell us that this is 100% the appearance of the structure iPhone 6.” That’s a pretty bold claim, and one that is very possibly true as the mockup adheres to most credible iPhone 6 rumors we’ve seen thus far.

Not much is known about the iPhone 6 at the moment, but a few leaks and common sense dictate that the next iPhone will come touting a larger screen than the iPhone 5C and 5S. Apple could also release two models of the iPhone 6, one with a screen size of 4.7 inches and one with a larger screen with a size of 5.7 inches. It wouldn’t be out of left field for Apple to release two iPhone 6 models this year, but some skeptics claim that the slow sales of the iPhone 5C may make Apple rethink the idea of releasing two handsets like the company did in 2013.

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The mock-up doesn’t tackle the iPhone 6’s spec sheet, which is still a compete mystery. It does address the physical design of Apple’s new baby however. Here are the key features of the iPhone 6 mock-up:

  • 4.7 inch screen size
  • Thickness of 6mm
  • Metal back panel with three-stage design with updated antenna
  • Power button moved from left side to right
So, what are your thoughts? Will Apple’s iPhone 6 be cut from a machine model like the one from 86Digi? Sound off in the comments. And enjoy the video below!

via: iClarified , 86Digi

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