This modular PaperFold device prototype looks amazing, but could it be turned into a real product you could buy?

PaperFold device prototype

Folks from the Human Media Lab (HML) at Queen’s University in Canada are working on a rather amazing device called PaperFold, which as far as we (don’t) know may never be released to the general public. The prototype unit you’re about to see consists of three separate e-ink displays that could either work separately or together, connected with a magnet.

The best part is that additional screens don’t just give you more screen estate, but you also get new functionalities enabled by those extra display(s).

For instance, when PaperFold is set in the ultrabook mode, you get a keyboard on the bottom screen; or when you lay the displays flat – you get big Google Maps. Pretty amazing, and that’s just the start as you’re about to see from the demo video below. Check it out and do let us know how you like this device and whether you would buy one if it’s available. We would definitely grab one. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Amazing! Want one. Now! 🙂

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