Leak: A Peek at BlackBerry 10.3’s Android Inspired Homescreen and Quick Settings

BlackBerry is down but not out, and a new peek at the upcoming BlackBerry 10.3 update proves that the almost defunct handset maker is pulling out all of the stops in order to safe the struggling company. While there have been rumors of just what BlackBerry will be packing into the updated OS, nary a picture of BB 10.3 has appeared until today. Thanks to a report from N4BB, we now have a few shots of BB 10.3 to drool over. The shots show a very Android-esque homescreen and a revamped quick settings menu.

As you can tell from the shots, the homescreen looks like something found on Android. According to the report, the homescreen will be omnipresent in the form of a pane even when apps are open. The square homescreen icon currently found in BB 10 will be replaced by a house icon, and the drop down quick settings menu will be accessible by simply performing a two-finger swipe from the top of the screen.

Looks pretty good, right? There’s still no official word when BB 10.3 will be rolling out, hopefully it lands soon. We’ll keep you updated.

via: N4BB

  • HumbleButBlunt

    10.1 was great, 10.2 was excellent, 10.2.1 was amazing so I can’t wait for 10.3!

  • How is that “Android Inspired”? It’s just the generic look of the modern smartphone.

  • Will Eisenbarth

    Not really a leak as it is a Blackberry employee releasing this information via his BBM Channel. PIN # = C00014277 or just search for MichaelClewley. He has released a lot of other information this week and will continue doing so for the rest of the week.

  • Problemcild

    This is one ignorant post…….this feature was available in 10.1 and got improved in 10.2 with the addition the flash light and bedside mode……..To remind you, the BB10 platform was built on the android code……. and is 5 times better.

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