Samsung KNOX 2.0 coming to Galaxy S5

Samsung KNOX 2.0 coming to Galaxy S5

Samsung is bringing KNOX 2.0 to Galaxy S5 users all around the world, allowing them to use one device for both work and pleasure.

The updated solution packs a “portfolio of multiple products and services designed to better meet the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility needs of customers.” These include KNOX Workspace, EMM, Marketplace and Customization:

  • KNOX Workspace offers a series of core security enhancements to better protect device integrity from kernel to apps.
  • KNOX EMM provides cloud-based Mobile Device Management and Identity and Access Management (SSO + Directory service) with a rich set of IT policies to implement company guidelines.
  • KNOX Marketplace is one stop shop for SMBs to find, buy and use KNOX and enterprise cloud apps in a unified environment.
  • KNOX Customization offers a way to create customized B2B solutions with off-the-shelf hardware by providing either SDK or Binary to Systems Integrators (SI).

The best part is that most Android apps downloaded from the Google Play Store will work without any customizations, with Sammy’s software putting them in secure containers when needed. The system supports dual-mode functioning, separating the apps, content and services you need for business and personal use. This in turn will allow IT administrators to setup various restrictions, allowing (for instance) certain services to run only when an employee is in the company’s offices.

The Galaxy S5 is the first device to get KNOX 2.0 support; existing KNOX 1.0 users will be automatically migrated to KNOX 2.0 with the OS upgrade.

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