Leak: Mysterious Moto G Cinema Name Pops Up on Motorola’s Website

It look like Motorola has plans for devices beyond the Moto E and Moto X+1 after all. Thanks to a screenshot leaked by @evleaks, we have the name of yet another upcoming Motorola smartphone, the Moto G Cinema. This is the first we’ve heard mention of this name, so needless to say all we can do right now is speculate about what the Cinema in the Moto G Cinema name actually means. Is it a whole new device? Is it a Moto G with a bigger screen? But wouldn’t that be kinda like the Moto X? This is all getting way too confusing.

The screenshot from @evleaks comes from Motorola’s support website, and is more than likely a placeholder for the device, akin to a Moto X+1 leak of the same nature which all but confirmed the name of the device.

Motorola is having a press conference next week on May 13th where the company is expected to announce a super cheap (like around $100 cheap) Moto G-ish device, the Moto E. We’re still not sure exactly when the Moto X+1 will be announced, and there’s a chance (albeit slim) that we could see the Moto X+1 in the flesh at Motorola’s May 13th event.

So there ya go, the Moto G Cinema. What do you think Motorola’s got in store for us?

via: Phonedog , @evleaks

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