HTC Windows Phone 8.1 device coming to Verizon Wireless

HTC Windows Phone 8.1 device coming to Verizon Wireless

HTC is working on a new Windows Phone device for Verizon Wireless, EVleaks is reporting. According their findings, this will be a flagship smartphone and we can only hope it will borrow some cues from HTC’s high-end Android offering.

In other words, what we would ultimately want to see in the upcoming HTC W8#WL — or however it ends-up being called — are a pair of Ultrapixel cameras on the back, dual front-facing speakers and an all-metal unibody design. These few features could make this device one of the best phones running Microsoft’s mobile platform, ever. Heck, the Windows Phone 8.1-powered HTC One M8 could be the phone Microsoft fans have been waiting for. Alas, we’re not sure that’s exactly what HTC has in mind. But that doesn’t stop us from hoping. 😉

  • Englert

    You are right…Would buy this device…

  • Steven

    despite all the Nokia phones the Samsung ativ s is still the best Windows 8 (8.1) phone around at the moment… and it’s discounted since Samsung don’t seem bothered with windows anymore. The ativ s it’s basically a galaxy s3 under the hood which is why it’s such a good phone, big screen, sd card, thin and light! Now a HTC one m8 running Windows phone 8.1 would certainly be my next phone!

  • Brandon Glenn

    Would re-convert to WP asap with a phone like as described above
    HTC + WP + Sprint = Me all over it.

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