New Update for Windows Phone 8.1 Squashes Bugs, Improves Battery Life

It’s only been a month since Microsoft unleashed the Windows Phone 8.1 update to developers, plopping Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana onto many a device. Microsoft has released the first update for WP 8.1, which is available for those who are part of Microsoft’s Preview for Developers program. The update is said to bring bug fixes and battery improvements to WP 8.1, additions which are always welcome.

To check and see if the update is ready to download, fire up your WP 8.1 device and head to settings > phone update > check for update and see if it’s ready for ya.

Happy updating, and let us know what improvements you see after the install!

TIP: If you haven’t installed the Windows Phone 8.1 update yet, head here for instructions on how to do so.


via: Windows Phone Central

  • rednibkram

    Got the update today on my Lumia Icon. Seems to be smoother and faster. Not getting the unresponsive power button anymore. Also, noticed that when I get a notification, the screen no longer lights up. Just sound now. Saves battery life when I’m not with the phone. Like it. Keep up the good work Microsoft!

  • dahardhouse

    The local search results from Bing are gone! To bad cuz it was nice to search for calendar appointments irregularly scheduled.

  • kjfuller7

    My Lumia 920 USB connection session doesn’t prevent the phone from locking and cutting off the sync. I have to keep touching the phone to keep the screen active while copying photos from the phone to my computer. I suppose I could turn off the lock screen, but it worked well before installing the developer preview.

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