How-To: Turn Off And Modify Facebook Notifications on Your Android Device

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Having constant access to the world of Facebook on our Android devices is pretty sweet, but sometime all of those pesky notifications can get downright annoying. It seems like every day I’m being invited to some event in a city I don’t even live in! If you’re having the same problem as me and would like a little peace from Facebook world while you’re on the go, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve prepared a quick and easy guide that will show you how to turn off Facebook notifications altogether, and how to customize the app so that you receive only the notifications you want. Ah yes, the simple life.

Ready to get going? Read on!

  • First off, open up the Facebook app and navigate to the more tab. That’s the one at the very right top corner under the blue header bar.

  • Next, hit the App Settings button. This will take you into the settings menu, where we can really get dirty.

  • Now that we’re all in the settings menu, scroll down to Notification Settings.

The Notification Settings menu is where you can either turn off notifications completely or customize which notifications you would like to receive. In other words, it’s where the magic happens.

To turn off all notifications: Uncheck the box next to Notifications in the settings tab. Once the box is unchecked, you’ll notice the text “inactive” underneath the Notifactions tab in the Settings menu, which should look like this:

 To customize your Facebook notifications: From the Notification Settings menu, make sure that Notifications are set to Active. You’ll notice a huge list in the Notification Settings menu, including what ringtone you want your Facebook notifications to use, if you want your device to vibrate or flash an LED. Keep scrolling down the Notifications menu and you will find a list of every type of Facebook notification there is with a little check box to the right. Simply check the boxes for which notifications you want to receive, and uncheck the ones you don’t want. It’s that easy!

There ya go, that wasn’t so hard now was it? I hope this made all of your lives a little less annoying.

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