HTC One Remix to be a plastic One Mini 2?

HTC One Remix to be a plastic One Mini 2?

HTC seems eager to launch a number of different One variants this year. Aside from the “regular” One M8 and One Mini 2, we may also the Maxi variant as well as few models made out of plastic. One such device could be the newly leaked HTC One Remix, which was brought to our attention by the good folks of EVleaks.

From what we can tell (from the image above) this unit looks very much like the One Mini 2 except that it has a plastic (polycarbonate) body rather than the one made out of aluminum. This in turn should make the phone more affordable when it launches in the next few weeks, or days – we’re not really sure. What we’re sure though is that it’s heading to Verizon Wireless. That at least is what EVleaks is saying and we tend to trust their sources. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    HTC is reading from Samsung’s book – launch as many devices as possible. Not sure that will work for them as well…

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