Here’s How to Get $23 in Amazon Coins for Free

Do you like free stuff? Good! We’ve got a doozy of a way to help you get up to $23 in Amazon coins, thanks to a Memorial Day deal from the online retailer. Amazon Coins are a virtual currency that can be used to buy apps and games from Amazon’s App Store. The free coins will be given out from today until May 31st, so act quickly!

Amazon is giving away 1,000 Amazon Coins ($10.00) to customers who download five Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. That’s 200 coins per app, which isn’t a bad deal at all. To begin claiming your coins, make sure you have the Amazon Appstore app installed on your Android device. Simply download the listed apps below using the Appstore app and you’ll get 200 coins per download! Even if you don’t want the games, you can quickly uninstall the app after claiming the coins.

Cool, so now you should have 1000 Amazon coins. Ready to get some more? The plucky team at Techno Buffalo pointed out this next trick that will get us the big money. Turns out Amazon is giving away 2000 free coins when customers purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the Fire TV. GTA: San Andreas runs $6.99, so go ahead and use those hard earned Amazon Coins to purchase the game. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Fire TV; you can still make the purchase. After you purchase the game, you’ll be sitting pretty with 2,301 Amazon Coins, or $23.01.

There you go! Enjoy your coins.

  • Anonymous

    But, will I get the 2,000 coins if I don’t have a Fire TV or Kindle Fire?

  • Mike

    FYI you do not need to actually download anything other than the original Amazon App for Android so you can link your device to the App store on Amazon.

    Once you have a device on your Amazon account you can buy any Android apps off the Amazon website. You get the coins a minute after purchase. No need to download them to your phone.

  • Coventri

    The last part, grand theft auto san andreas did NOT deliver 2000 coins as you advise and amason advertised, it TOOK 499. Grrr. Is it a typo, meant to be 2 hundred, not 2 thousand??

    • disqus_FQgrm4l56P

      It worked. Sometimes it takes a while. If it didn’t go through after a few hours talk to Amazon.

  • Taero

    It worked for me, had 250 coins, earned the 1000, spent the 699 and now I have 2551

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