8GB iPhone 5C Replaces iPhone 4S As Apple’s Cheapest Offering in India

Up until the beginning of this month, Apple’s cheapest iPhone offering in India was the iPhone 4S. Today that all changes, as the 8GB iPhone 5C steps in to take its place as Apple’s most affordable device in India. Apple is also releasing the iPhone 5C in Brazil, China and Russia.

While he iPhone 5C takes the crown of most affordable handset in India, it’s still not cheap. The 8GB iPhone 5C retails for Rs 33,500, around $574. That’s after signing a wireless contract and a rebate of Rs 4,000, or $68. That’s way more than the price of the iPhone 4S, which came in at Rs 20,000 or $342. With such a huge price increase, even the cheapest iPhone may now be out of reach for many customers in India. Besides, for just $100 more customers can snatch up the 16GB iPhone 5S, making the prospects of selling 8GB iPhone 5C’s a little dimmer.

via: iDownloadBlog

  • ShawVicDaas

    The Article was written thoroughly wrong.
    First he said thay 5c replaces 4 as the cheapest. Then he corrected 5c replaces 4s.

    Reality is that all these phones are still sold online in India at reasonable prices. iPhone 5c is a superflop. Get in iPhone 5s or wait for the 4.7″ iteration 😉

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