Windows Phone 9 won’t be available before Q4 2015

Windows Phone 9 won't be available before Q4 2015

A new set of information coming a leaked documents suggests that Microsoft won’t be releasing Windows Phone 9 before the fourth quarter of 2015. Before that, in Q2 or Q3, the preview version will be available to select group of developers, with final releasing coming by the end of the year.

This would give us around 16 months between major releases, only somewhat faster than the 17 months between Windows Phone 8 (October 2012) and Windows Phone 8.1 (May 2014). Considering the competitive landscape of the mobile industry, we’re not sure that’s soon enough. Then again, we would assume some in-between update will be released; think: Windows Phone 8.2 or 8.5.

In any case, the next version of Microsoft’s mobile platform will be released alongside the “regular” Windows 9 and yes, we expect that the two platforms are more tightly integrated, allowing developers to create apps that work across platforms and devices. As far as I’m concerned, that would be a dream come true; what do you say?

[Via: WMPowerUser]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Microsoft should speed-up Windows Phone development if it wants to stay relevant in the mobile game…

    • RodneyE.Jones

      I think it’s not a fact of how fast they develop, rather a fact of how long they wait to release new features, and fixes.. This is evident when you look at how big the WP8.1 update was.. That update could’ve been split into four separate updates releasing features as they were ready….
      But, we have to give MS some credit… They are smarter than that, now.. Lol!. Considering all of the different devices on different carriers, and all of the testing that needs to take place, it could take up to 5 months, or more, after MS “RTM’s” an update for it to finally reach your device.. This could possibly push back updates even further… It’s much better to bundle a big update like WP8.1 up, and have it hit a larger number of devices at the same time…
      Another thing that MS has done with WP8.1 to help speed up the update process in the future is decoupled a lot of its hubs, and services, from the core of the OS.. We’ve seen this with XBOX Music especially…. XMB for WP8.1 has received 3 updates since the DP has been released. That’s in just a little over 1 month… For perspective XBM in WP8.0 was lucky to get an update once a year because of the process that it would take to update the entire OS OTA, which would involve carrier testing, and a bunch of other politics.. Now, being a separate app MS has been able to stick to it’s promise of bi-weekly updates to XBM…. So, Peter you’re in luck because for you MS has already begun to speed up the update process, and it’s comments like yours, and many others, that has made this top priority.. Thanks, and keep up the support!!

  • RodneyE.Jones

    Lets just put things into perspective…. The reality of the update situation with Windows Phone is that it has received more updates, and support, than either iOS, and Android, in what will be 20 months, with a total of 10 updates coming to the platform.. This is amazing considering that every single one of those updates brought new features to the platform…
    Since November 2012: WP7.8, WP8.0, GDR1, GDR2, GDR3, Amber, Black, WP8.1, WP8.1DPUD1, and the forthcoming Cyan update… 10 updates!

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