iOS 8 Reveal Confirmed for WWDC 2014

Apple has erected a huge banner with the number “8” on it at Moscone Center in San Francisco in preparation for WWDC, and you know what that means.. iOS 8 is coming! While the banner doesn’t explicitly yell, “iOS 8 is coming!” it may as well. Apple rolled out large banners with a “7” on them last year in preparation for WWDC 2013, where iOS 7 was detailed.

Very clever, Apple. Very clever indeed.

Rumors suggest that Apple will also unveil plans or perhaps gadgets related to the automated home. The next iPhone probably wont make an appearance, as Apple usually releases new iPhone models around late summer/early fall. We may see a few teases of the iPhone 6, or perhaps a new iPad, but I wouldn’t count on it. We should (hopefully) see a new Apple TV, as well as news on Apple’s acquisition of Beats. Maybe Dr.Dre will open up the show?

WWDC begins Monday, June 2nd, with the keynote beginning at 10 a.m. PDT. Check back with us for coverage of the event, or tune in to Apple’s livestream.


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