Microsoft smartwatch to work with any smartphone

Microsoft smartwatch to work with any smartphone

Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out of the smartwatch market and is apparently working on its own such product as we speak. According to a Forbes report (and brought to our attention by NeoWin), the Redmond giant will make a watch that won’t work with Windows Phones only, and will support all major platforms.

Similarly to competing device, it too will be fitness centric and include a heart rate monitor, among other things. Its battery will be able to provide enough juice to keep the watch up and running for two days, after which you’ll have to place it on a charger.

The report goes on to suggest that Microsoft has gathered a multidisciplinary team from different divisions, including Kinect engineers, designers and data scientists all of whom will be building both the hardware and software for the upcoming watch.

It’s worth reminding everyone that Microsoft has already launched a smartwatch in the past. Many years ago, the company developed what it called the SPOT (as in Smart Personal Object Technology) software though that initiative led nowhere. It’s a different world out there and this time round, consumers are more open to new ideas. We’ll see whether the Surface Watch or however it ends up being known will fly or not…

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