Hot Deal: $100 off a 32GB Off-Contract Moto X June 4th and 5th

It’s summertime, and Motorola is celebrating the sunshine with a hot deal on last year’s Moto X smartphone. Motorola is knocking $100 off of the 32GB off-contract Moto X, bringing the price down to $299. The deal is good tomorrow, June 4th and Thursday June 5th.

The Moto X may not be the hottest handset on the block right now, but packs just enough horsepower to fly through everyday apps and even tackle some of the larger ones. The Moto X features specialized software which allows you to command the device by voice at any time, and touts a lockscreen which quickly displays missed call, emails, text messages and the like.

Sound like a deal to you? Head over to Motorola’s website tomorrow or Thursday and pick yourself up a 32GB Moto X.

via: Android and MeMotorola

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