Samsung working on a waterproof tablet?

Samsung working on a waterproof tablet?

Well what do you know, Samsung may be looking to expand its already vast tablet portfolio with a new line of water-proof tablets. Or that will be just one device – we’re not sure.

In any case, the Korean giant has secured a trademark for “Galaxy Tab 4 Active” name in Norway and we’re guessing it will repeat the [trademark filing] process in other countries around the world. For those who count, this trademark was filed on April 30th.

Now, we’re can’t be 100% confident that Samsung is really working on such (water-proof) tablet, and as far as we (don’t) know, they may just want to protect the name and only later decide whether this is something worth pursuing or not.

Meanwhile, Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S5 Active in the U.S. with AT&T being the first carrier to offer this smartphone. Other operators all around the world will likely follow shortly…

[Via: SammyToday]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Soon we’ll need a guide to get around Samsung’s different tablets. It’s already getting hard to differentiate between multiple different versions…

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