Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 in works?

Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 in works?

Sony has turned to Twitter to tease the world about the “next big thing” it’s working on. While we can’t be 100% certain what the Japanese company is preparing, chances are they are working on successor to the Xperia Z Ultra.

The still-current Z Ultra rocks a 6.4-inch full HD screen, 2GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel main camera. The next model in the series will likely build on top of that and add a 2K / QHD screen (2560×1440 pixels), faster chip (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801), 3GB of RAM and better camera to the mix.

Unfortunately, Sony’s tweet left us with too many unknowns like when we can expect to see the Xperia Z Ultra 2 announced. I see no reason for postponing the launch but then again – no one’s asking me a thing. 😉

Is there anything you’re looking forward to see in the Xperia Z Ultra 2?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Sony Ultra was a JOKE in 2013 so we won’t expect much in 2014

    • Ryan Striker

      Obviously coming from a douchebag who hasn’t personally used the device. I’ve owned and sold many of the flagships from a number of manufacturers, the ZU is the best device I’ve owned.

    • Josh Hirner

      and richard yarrell is a joke at all times … dont expect much from him … ever

    • Droid King

      STFU… DUDE! dont know what you talking about! Why dont you go back to rinky dink iPhones. Hward they were made for retarded peoole like you and leave the awesome Droid lovers do their thang you stupid piece of ????!

    • London calling

      Looking at your face: joke is on you!

  • Golden Eagle

    I’m using the Xperia ZU and it’s great even with its one and only (Some how Stupid) issue,
    * 8 Mp Camera with no Flash (When every body was 13 & above with flash).

    best choice that Sony picked up was the latest and strongest Processor
    (Snapdragon 800) in june which make the device compete even with another
    phablets released on late november 2013 and still compete for a year
    and a head of many strong phablets.

    but if sony will pick
    (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801) for XperiaZU2 it won’t compete until November
    they must go for (Snapdragon 805) so they be at the same level of other
    phablets (Like Note4 & LG GoPro 3).

    • MarylandUSA

      A top-notch app like Camera FV-5 lets you use Sony’s camera and lens to full advantage by specifying the ISO and more. I use FV-5 with my Z Ultra Google Play Edition. I don’t miss the flash at all.


    To I’ve got the song Xperia z ultra I love it I use it for everything. I will be getting the the z ultra2 if it comes with dual streo speakers

    • Kryojenix


  • Ron

    I can’t wait to see what Sony has up it’s sleeve when it comes to the Sony Z U! I would actually like to see them adapt the hardware to a Windows phone?! How about a 6.5 inch waterproof CORTANA!’ “Talk about a new SUPERHERO!” 😉
    As for my current Sony Z U I still haven’t tired of it like my last Samsung “phablet”! I had 2 Samsung phones before that!

  • Thor Storm

    I own the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and it is perfect for me.
    The things i look forward to in the Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 is camera flash and bigger battery.
    Thats what ill look forward to in the new Ultra.

  • Augusto R. C. D’Oliveira

    hope it comes with better speakers and camera with LED flash, but the phone rocks!

  • Janssen

    2k HD screen sounds good and 805 chip/4gig ram, with dual speaker, same dimensions but with 6.5 inch screen. And owe of course, at least 20 megapixel camera with flash.

    Guess it’s obvious it needs bigger battery for all of that……

    • Afghan

      Adding to all of the above I would like to see a removable battery so it won’t be an issue one or two years down the line. Then I will buy and cherish the device for at least next 4 years. But this is precisely why they may not make it this perfect, They want us to spend our hard earned cash every year.

  • Charlie Major

    if they put a led light to the back, then i run to buy one 😉

  • pressefr

    They need to add a flash. My photo taking has drop exponentielly.

  • Allen Kwan

    Dusan, is there any update on this or more rumors. I absolutely love my Z Ultra. Wishlist would be: camera flash; induction charging like the smaller Z models; cutoff even more of the bezel; and remains compatible with the dock (since I bought this already).

    Dual SIM would be great for me so long as both slots are OK for voice and data.

    I think adding a camera flash even to the existing model would make the phone a must have.

    Look to hear more Dusan! Keep it up. Allen

  • Allen Kwan

    I forgot to add to wish list (if Sony is listening), provide the ability to turn on/off the upsampling on music. I cannot stream music to my preamp as it also upsamples resulting in garble.

    I would be appreciative if some one know that the on/off function already exist and advise how to use it. Thanks

  • Duke

    I would be happy with a z3 in a ultra 2 format and 805 processor for future proofing to combat against note4

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