Amazon smartphone with its 3D UI to be announced June 18th

Amazon smartphone with its 3D UI to be announced June 18th

Amazon will be announcing its first-ever smartphone on June 18th. The event invite page doesn’t actually says that but the image on it — which you can see above — leaves little room for anything else.

From what we’ve heard before, the Amazon smartphone (Fire Phone?) will boast no less than 6 cameras, regular front- and rear-facing ones as well as 4 infrared cameras on the front that will track your eyes to deliver 3D user interface. In other words, as you move your phone, you’ll see what’s going on behind icons and text. The online retail giant / infrastructure provider is apparently already working with a group of developers which would take advantage of this capability with more companies likely to join-in as soon as the SDK is out. We tend to think that will also happen on June 18th.

Aside from 6 cameras, Amazon’s phone will also rock a 4.7-inch screen, unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core chip (likely S800) and 2GB of RAM. Furthermore, we expect the standard set of sensors found in all other Android devices as well as Amazon’s own UI running on top of Google’s platform.

Earlier reports indicated that the company will launch its phone exclusively with AT&T though we’re guessing other carriers will be added at a later date.

While 3D interface sounds cool, it remains to be seen whether it can add real value to the user experience. Can’t wait to try it out. 😉

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