Hitman: Sniper Blasting its Way to Mobile Devices Later This Year

Square Enix Montreal has announced a new game in the Hitman series which will be making its way to mobile devices later this year. Following hot on the heels of the first mobile Hitman game, Hitman GO, Hitman: Sniper will feature levels packed with interactive features, such as the ability to distract guards and manipulate objects. As the name suggests, the new Hitman game has you sniping your enemies from a distance as you take on scenerio-driven contracts. The game takes a subtle approach to destroying one’s enemy instead of just running in and blasting up the joint.

Square Enix Montreal promises “to deliver a game experience that is built for touch screen devices and takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the platform” and will tout a leaderboard and other social goodies.

Hitman: Sniper will be on display next week at E3 at the Square Enix booth. Check it out if you’re one of the lucky ones attending!

via: All Games Beta

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