Touch-enabled Microsoft Office coming to Android tablets before Windows 8

Office for iPad

Well, what do you know. After iPad, owners of Android tablets are next to get the touch-enabled version of Microsoft Office. The best part — or not, depending how you look at it — is that Android users will get the goodies before Windows 8 users.

Bear in mind we’re talking about Office that takes full advantage of touch input since the non-touch version is already available for Windows 8.

When you think about it – this makes perfect sense considering the number of Android users. Sure enough, Microsoft wants us to get Windows 8 gear, but they don’t want to leave the money on the table in the meantime, only to see some other software like QuickOffice taking their customers away.

We would have to guess this move comes on the heels of Microsoft’s new “Mobile First. Cloud First.” strategy that was introduced by the new CEO Satya Nadella. Moreover, we’re sure that while some things will be free, the full benefits of Office for Android will be unleashed with Office 365 subscription. And that’s why this decision makes perfect sense. Or so we think; what do you say?

[Via: ZDNet]

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