Samsung to unveil a smartwatch with fingerprint sensor in 2015?

Samsung to unveil a smartwatch with fingerprint sensor in 2015?

Samsung is looking to cram fingerprint sensors into its smartwatches next year. The hint comes from The Korea Herald article which caught Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman saying that this is indeed possible with first wearable devices with fingerprint scanning technology hitting the market sometime next year. According to his sayings, using a fingerprint ID sensor on small curved display is not really that big of a challenge.

Alas, Bergman hasn’t revealed any specifics companies which would be interested to integrate fingerprint scanning technology into a wearable device, but we do know that Samsung is using Synaptics’ technology in Galaxy S5, so we presume they’ll be among the first vendors to introduce a smartwatch with fingerprint scanner as soon as that’s possible.

Bergman also added that Synaptics is working on its first area-type (as opposed to swipe-based) fingerprint scanner that should be out in the second half of the year. This sort of technology is already working on the iPhone 5S and will certainly be heading to more mobile devices as soon as Synaptics unveils its offering.

At the moment, only Samsung’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5, comes with fingerprint scanning capability though the same feature will also be coming to select tablets, namely those in the soon-to-be-announced Galaxy Tab S series. As businesses require additional security, we’ll likely be seeing fingerprint sensors in more devices not just those made by Samsung.

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    Next step – Google Glass will be able to read your retina for authentication. 😉

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