Microsoft’s Surface watch being tested in the NYC as we speak?

Microsoft's Surface watch being tested in the NYC as we speak?

Microsoft is preparing to join the wearables game with a smart watch of its own. The rumored Surface watch has been caught while being tested in the New York City, is reporting.

Apparently, an unnamed person was spotted in the Big Apple wearing the watch, which Gearlive is saying, looks like the Samsung Gear Fit smart band with an elongated screen rather than a normal watch face. The unit has a flat screen and a curved backplate, making it fit snugly against the skin.

Software wise, the watch runs a software with Metro-style icons that are displayed on a relatively low resolution screen. As an extra feat, gamers will be able to connect it to the Xbox One and control some games with their hand movements.

A number of sensors will come built-in, including a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and a galvanic skin response sensor, the last of which is reportedly built into the watch band rather than the unit itself.

Earlier reports suggested that the Microsoft watch won’t be limited to Windows Phone devices and will support other popular platforms as well. We are mainly talking about iOS and BlackBerry.

Gearlive thinks we’re days away from the official announcement of this watch. We want to believe that and are looking forward to see what Redmond guys (and gals) can bring to the table. As you would imagine, we’ll make sure you don’t miss the beat. 😉

[Via: WMpoweruser]

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