Tweet From Google All But Confirms Android 5.0, May be Announced at Google I/O 2014

It looks like Android 5.0 is coming soon, thanks to a tweet from Google. The tweet, which is a simple screenshot of a new Google Now feature which displays World Cup info all but confirms the existence of the next version of Android, 5.0. But wait, how can we tell all this from a boring screenshot? The clue is in the time which the screenshot displays. When Google releases screenshot of Android features or devices, they always translate the Android version to the pictured device’s clock. Android 4.4 screenshots show a time of 4:40, Android 4.2 sits at 4:20 (blaze up!) and since the clock now reads 5:00…you guessed it! Android 5.0. Mystery unraveled.

It’s high time Google releases Android 5.0. Hell, we all thought that Google would announce at last year’s I/O conference, which obviously didn’t happen. Google may announce Android 5.0 at Google I/O later this month, but as always, we’ll have to wait and see.


via: Twitter

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