Samsung foldable tablet to be unveiled in early 2015, according to Korean media

Samsung foldable tablet to be unveiled in early 2015, according to Korean media

On and on, we’re getting new information about Samsung’s foldable design devices. We’ve even see the video showing off such phone/tablet (which you can see below), but we’re still waiting for the first such product to hit the market. In the meantime, we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, both of which are cool but not exactly what we had in mind.

A new report from the Korean media claims that the first Samsung device with foldable display will be out in early 2015, hinting us we could be able to play with it either at CES or MWC.

The device in question will apparently come with an 8-9 inch Super AMOLED screen with full HD resolution, which once folded, will be turned into a smartphone of sorts. What’s more, the report claims that the tablet can be folded two times, making it easier to carry around.

To make this possible, the Korean company will dump a glass display and use the one made out of plastic…

This all sounds nice and we can’t wait to see this thing in action. We’re sure that it will have many different use cases some of which we still can’t imagine. If you have some idea how to use this sort of device, feel free to drop your two cents in the comments form below. 😉

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • Cory Ducey

    Seriously? So you see something on your smaller screen, want to look at it on a
    Larger screen. Or to open it up to share viewing on a larger screen, download an ebook open up for better viewing. Easier gaming on a larger screen. That’s just off the top of my head…

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