NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered smartphones coming soon?

NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered smartphones coming soon?

When NVIDIA announced its powerful Tegra K1 chip, it said that the initial focus will be on tablets. The first such device has been unveiled recently, and it’s Google’s Project Tango reference tablet. In addition, we’ve also heard this chip is heading to Lenovo’s smart TV, and… that’s about it.

Chances are we’ll see few additional tablet vendors joining the Tegra K1 craze, as well as NVIDIA’s own Shield 2 portable gaming device.

The truth is that this chip was never made with smartphones in mind though that doesn’t mean we won’t see it in such “setting.” The new piece of information suggests that NVIDIA is indeed working to cram the Tegra K1 into a smaller form factor but we’re still clueless when such device will be introduced.

It is said that the Tegra K1 is an everything but small chip not least thanks to its powerful 192-core graphics. Like its size is not a limiting factor, the chip also lacks built-in cellular connectivity (modem) which would take an extra space on the phone’s motherboard. In other words, if NVIDIA wants to pursue the smartphone business it should first make its SoC smaller and only then offer it to the OEMs. That doesn’t sound impossible and we’re hoping to get some details on how that goes in the months to come. Stay tuned in the meantime.

[Via: G4Games]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    sounds like something Alienware would want to make – ultimate gaming smartphones. There’s an idea.

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