Acer preparing a Tegra K1-powered Chromebook?

Acer Chromebook CB5

Acer is seemingly preparing to launch a unique Chromebook, one that would get its power from NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra K1 chip. While that SoC can “handle” the Unreal graphics, we’re not sure how well it’s suited for “regular” computing. Don’t get me wrong, I think NVIDIA has came up with a great product, I’m just not sure whether Chrome OS will find way to take advantage of that 192-core graphics unit.

Aside from rocking such gaming-friendly SoC, the forthcoming Acer Chromebook CB5 will also ship with 4GB of RAM, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, 32GB of internal storage, built-in webcam and a full-sized HDMI out port.

The device, in case you wonder, was briefly caught at the Swedish retailer only to be promptly hidden from prying eyes. The same page revealed the August 1st as a launch date.

As you may know, this isn’t the first Chromebook that uses ARM-based SoC; Samsung and HP both had few models rocking Samsung’s Exynos Duo and Exynoc Octa chips.

[Via: AndroidAuthority]

  • Nick V

    Hopefully it has a nicer screen. I am not worried about playing games, but I would like to see a screen/panel that can take advantage of the processor. Also, if they can add backlit keys, that would be golden! 🙂

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