Here’s the Moto X+1 sitting inside a case

Moto X+1

The rumored Moto X+1 has been caught in the wild again, compliments to EVLeaks. This time round, we get to see the phone sitting inside a case. We still can’t say with great certainty what this device will be all about; chances are it will build on top of the current Moto X and include a slightly bigger (5-inch?) screen with full HD resolution, better camera and faster processor to the mix. If we’re even luckier, we’ll get a microSD card slot though I personally doubt it will be included in the Moto X+1. For some reason Moto doesn’t like microSD cards.

Anyway… as far as we (don’t) know, Motorola will yet again try to make the mid-range phone sexy with the Moto X+1, adding few software tricks here and there in an effort to convince us their phones are worth the premium. We’re hoping for the short wait to get all the missing details. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

  • marcelomartins

    No Flash, no moto x +1

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