Try Out A New Smartphone on Sprint’s Revamped Network Free for 30 Days

As part of an initiative to spread the word about the company’s newly revamped network (and to stick it to T-Mobile, no doubt) Sprint is now offering a 30-day trial of its network and a new smartphone. Beginning on June 27th, Sprint will allow customers to pick a new smartphone and try out Sprint’s network for free with a 30-day trial. You’ll have to pay for the phone and service upfront however, with Sprint refunding all charges if you cancel before the 30 days are up. The plan is similar in nature to one T-Mobile announced last week in which you can “test drive” an iPhone 5S for a week.

Sprint has been busy expanding its network with 28 new markets added to the company’s list of 4G LTE markets.

Will you try out Sprint’s network, or are you happy with your current carrier? Sound off in the comments.

via: Mashable

  • Willie D

    I ditched Sprint last year on a soft basis, one year ago and started using TMobile as a backup. Sprint service sucked then. I waited another 6 months and ditched them fully, and moved completely to TMobile, while my roommate stayed, her service still sucked 6 months ago when my TMo service was rocking. Now, a year later, after my first soft move, TMo still rocks and is better all around, while my roommate and her Sprint service actually got worse.
    Why anyone would pay anything upfront for a trial with Sprint is hilarious. They should pay US to use their service.

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