Lenovo working on its own Glass-like device?

Lenovo working on its own Glass-like device?

Lenovo may be working on its own Google Glass-like device, or at least that’s what the company’s patent filing suggests.

Titled “Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method,” the filing with the USPTO shows a device that looks like the one Google is already selling, featuring an audio and video recorder, along with built-in displays.

Now we’re not sure whether this is really a “smart” device like the Glass or just a head-up display (HUD) that would be used to consume the media in a much more immersive manner. We do know it has bone conductive microphones located in the earpieces, and wireless communication support.

Of course, it’s software rather than hardware that makes all the difference. Soon enough we’ll see these sort of HUDs coming from China when the prices will go down. Google, on the other hand, will have the upper hand, having developed the software long before any of its rivals started thinking about it.

Nevertheless, we’re glad to see more companies looking into this market. With more of them fighting for our attention (and wallets), they’ll make this technology more affordable, pushing for adoption by mainstream consumers. And that’s a good thing, right?

[Via: UberGizmo]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google opens up the platform and allows other companies to make their Glass-like devices.

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