BlackBerry Fact Check Portal launched to fight back Android, other competitors

BlackBerry Fact Check Portal

The fact is that BlackBerry has seen better days. However, it’s still far from dying; rather it’s turning attention elsewhere, going for its traditional market consisting of enterprise and government customers, and everyone else looking for an extra dose of mobile security.

The Canadian company has been long known for its QWERTY keyboard equipped phones, and is unsurprisingly returning to these roots with the newly unveiled BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic.

While we wait for these two to hit the store shelves, BlackBerry wants to bust some myths regarding its survival and features of its smartphones. To that end, they’ve launched the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal where they’ll address any number of concerns users may have, while also busting myths and malicious rumors floating around the Interwebs.

In their own words, the new site will be used to expose the “smoke and mirrors marketing tactics” used by competing vendors. The Canadian company argues that there have been many vocal voices “trying to incite fear, uncertainty and doubt about BlackBerry,” leading to a cluttered and confused customer. So it’s time to “fight back.”

BlackBerry customers on their end will also be able to chip-in, adding their own stories if they fancy so…

While we’re not sure how this new campaign will work, we do look forward to try out the Passport, which could be the first business-centric phablet we’ve ever seen. It does look rather big, but that extra screen estate should make its owners that much more productive, while the physical QWERTY keyboard will enable faster text input. Personally, I can’t wait to play with one. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    BlackBerry needs something like this. It’s getting a bad rep for no good reason.

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