Flappy Bird Clone Flopsy Droid is First Game for Android Wear

The fledgling Android Wear platform has received its first game today, and its a doozy. Not surprisingly, the game is a clone of everyone’s favorite time water, Flappy Bird. Flopsy Droid is the  title of the first wrist-bound adventure, featuring a flappy droid in lieu of Flappy Bird’s, um, bird. Other than that, Flopsy Droid is pretty much the same as Flappy Bird, pixelated Mario-esque pipes and all. But dang does it look fun!

Flopsy Droid isn’t going to blow your socks off, and is far and away a concept game if anything, showing us just what Android Wear can do. It will be interesting to see what kind of games developers pump out for the Android Wear platform. Can we get some Mega Man please?

If your lucky enough to have one of the few Android Wear powered devices strapped to your wrist, give Flopsy Droid a shot.

Just watch out, I’ve heard Flappy Bird is super addicting.

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