• C Jacobs

    Lets stop with the iPhone killer BS. The G3 will be lucky if it sells as many units as the S 5. I’m a die hard Android fan but I have no illusions that LG will pull off being the best selling phone of 2014/15.

    • Gabriel Pomponi

      quality is not sells… -.-” one M7 wast the best phone of all 2013… and dosent sell like samsung crappy s4 or ifogn 5/5S… lol this and other many android devices totally destroy the iphone 5s man not only this

    • Angela

      Already sold more then the iPhone 1,2,3,4,5 and 5s! Out beat and #1 phone for the next two year’s. To each of their own. I let my 5 go the second I heard about the Lgg3 best phone ever…

  • Nick V

    If I wasn’t using an N5, I would get this in a heartbeat. I thought the HTC One M8 was amazing, and then LG dropped the bomb with this.

  • Max

    Just got this! And the guy behind me as well at work! I can’t wait to play with my new phone!

  • Max

    It will never be a Iphone 6 killer. First off, we want Iphone people to stay with Iphone. There is nothing more enjoyable when you see an Iphone guy whip out his iphone out of his G-string and say “hey look at my brand new iphone! Its soooo cute!” And then us android guys go ” But can it do this that my 4 year old android can do, like watch flash videos on websites? No?” Then i go on down the list of cool thing a 4 year old android can do that a new Iphone 5 can’t do and the look on their faces is the sweetest thing! So i hope all iphone people stick with their iphones!

    • Infinitum Minimus

      I use an iPhone 4s, and have been using Macs since 84, but I’ve also used Windows & Linux over the years. Today at the AT&T store I held and tested the LG G3. My first and only Android experience prior to today’s venture was with a Huawei 3.5″ phone running Android 2.3. It was awful compared to iOS 3 (four years ago.) Flash or no Flash it sucked by comparison. HOWEVER, this modern, powerful machine running Android 4.4.2 is WAY more enjoyable than iOS7 upon first impression, especially with a screen as beautiful as the G3’s. I’m 64 days away from my contract maturity date. I’ll be switching from an iPhone to Android. Apple waited WAY to long to deliver a phone display of adequate size. 5.5″ is perfect! I’ve been telling my wife this all along!

      • Max

        You should wait, i heard that Iphone is making a phone with a bigger screen. I’ve now managed to really put sometime into my G3 and wooooooow! I can’t believe this is a phone. It blows my home computer out of the water! I use it as a remote for all my home devices. It turns on my lights before i come in the house. I use it with my Chromecast and beam my music to my surround sound at the same time, i open up another app that does fractal patterns and beam that to my flat screens. So i have wonderful evening music and visuals to unwind too. Then after that, i beam a movie from my micro sd card to my television and it works flawlessly. This phone is insane! Its taken over my life! Oh and OK Google is ridiculously intuitive! Oh and the games look insane on here! You pair it with a Dualshock 3 and the games it beams to your television are as good as the PS3!

  • Survival of the Phatest

    the iPhone is killing itself, it won’t be any specific android phone that does it, but Android as a whole.

  • Its Bubba

    Iphone 6 is now here…

    Its Called LG 3G Phone…Everything you ever wanted in a Phone or Device plus you don’t have to wait till September

  • ???? ???????

    No high end Android phone will outsell the iPhone 6. This is the reality Android fanboys need to accept. Remember two things. 1. 90% of all Android devices sold are low end models not the LG G3 or the Galaxy S series. 2. Android has only a 10% edge in the US market over iOS even with 90% of all Android phones being low end models. This means if you removed all low end Android models, Android wouldn’t even make up 10% of the US market. Remember the iPhone 5s sold almost 10 million units in 3 days and that was with limited supplies. Had there been no limited supplies you can rest assured that Apple would’ve sold at least 20 million iPhones in that 3 days. So if the LG G3 can’t sell at minimum 10 million units in 3 days, it’s not gonna outsell the iPhone 6. And to be an iPhone killer it has to outsell it. But let all the Android fanboys believe that the iPhone is dying. It’s not Apple’s profit margin that’s falling, it’s Android companies who are losing money. Samsung 3rd straight quarter failing to meet expectations. Sounds to me Samsung is the one on life support not Apple.

  • Max

    This phone is only for Tech hounds who love the freedom to do pretty much everthing they can dream of with a phone. Don’t get this phone if you just want a phone that looks pretty and fits in your G-string. It would be a waste of phone. Stick with your Iphones. Those phones are for people who just want to waste their time texting and posting nonsense on facebook.

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