Android Wear gets its first custom app launcher

Android Wear gets its first custom app launcher

And we thought Google won’t allow custom launchers, huh? Apparently they have nothing against such apps as long as the core experience remains intact.

The newly unveiled Wear Mini Launcher doesn’t bring along a whole new interface, but quick access to all the apps you’ve installed on your smart watch. After installing this little app, you’ll get a new gesture area at the top left corner of the screen.

When you swipe in from the edge, you’ll get the scrollable app list. However, because this is a rather small area, you have to be careful not to drag down at all, as that pulls the mute panel down. Similarly, starting your gesture too low can also grab your top card and swipe it away. So, it’s best to go slow.

The application seems like it’s still in beta, with few glitches popping up here and there. According to AndroidPolice, Wear Mini Launcher works better with the LG G Watch, with a number of reliability issues showing up when it’s used on the Samsung Gear Live.

It is said that developer behind this handy app is looking into issues as we speak and should fix the bugs soon. You can already give Wear Mini Launcher a try and get updates the second they’re ready.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This sounds like something that should’ve come included with every Android Wear watch.

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