Latest Samsung Exynos chip integrates LTE modem, CPU and image signal processing

Samsung Exynos ModAP

Samsung has finally found a way to “do the Qualcomm” and launch System on Chip (SoC) that brings together the CPU, LTE modem and image signal processing. This in turn should make for a more affordable and power-efficient solution, one that could be used by more than just a few vendors such as HP and Meizu (aside from Samsung, of course).

Built on a 28nm process, the Exynos ModAP chipset includes support for LTE Release 9 and Cat 4 with duplex mode, FDD and TDD, as well as 2G and 3G networks. Its CPU consists of four cores, and there’s also an advanced image signal processor that supports high resolution cameras and high quality video playback. According to Samsung, the new Exynos chip can handle an 8-megapixel video at 30 fps.

In addition, Samsung also announced the new Exynos RF companion chip which is made to “enhance the way mobile devices handle various modes of connectivity.”

Overall, Samsung has managed to come a bit closer to Qualcomm, but it’s still far hitting the top spot. For one thing, the Korean company doesn’t sell as nearly as many chips as Qualcomm does. So we’ll have to wait for another few years before Koreans manage to “Out-Qualcomm the Qualcomm.”

In the meantime, we may see the new Exynos chip being used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and perhaps few other devices that will be launched later this year or in early 2015.

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