Sony SmartWatch 2 updated with custom wallpapers, but do we really care?

Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony keeps trying to make its SmartWatch 2 an interesting device despite all the buzz surrounding Android Wear watches such as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

The Japanese company has invested hundreds if not thousands of developer-hours and it doesn’t want to throw them away just because Google suddenly decided to turn its attention to our wrists.

So they’re out with another update to the SmartWatch 2, adding custom wallpapers and support for additional languages to the mix. Again, while that’s all cool, we can’t imagine a number of users getting over-excited about this. Chances are most folks are now looking at Android Wear and what Apple can do with its upcoming iWatch.

That said, we’re sure Sony is already working on the SmartWatch 3 which may use Android Wear instead of Sony’s own platform. Or not; we can’t be certain. What we’re hoping is that next model from the series will be much better looking than what we have today. Current SmartWatch 2 isn’t really the prettiest device we’ve seen, and we would love to see Sony striking back with, let’s say, a circular screen-equipped smart watch a la Moto 360. Now that would be something, don’t you agree? 😉

[Via: XperiaBlog]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    If Sony wants to stay relevant it should make an Android Wear product. Or at very least make its next watch look MUCH better.

  • W

    throw them away, not through

  • nywildlife22

    it better have a camera. and an aux port for music.

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