Huawei wants to ruin the Xiaomi Mi4 launch party with a July 22 event of its own

Huawei wants to ruin the Xiaomi Mi4 launch party with a July 22 event of its own

We’re detecting some rather awkward practices in the ever growing smartphone market of China: whenever some vendor decides to hold an event on a certain date, a different vendor announces it too will unveil something new on that day.

Earlier this year we saw Xiaomi releasing its new range of routers and a smart TV box during the OnePlus One launch. Now we have Huawei saying it will try to “ruin” the Xiaomi Mi4 launch by unveiling some new product on that day. And we’re not sure what that product could be, whether it’s a phablet that would compete with the Redmi Note, a novel tablet or… something entirely different. We can’t really tell at the moment.

What’s more, OnePlus will release its Wooden Style Swap covers on July 22nd. That could be sexiest case on the planet, but it won’t really mess Xiaomi’s plans of getting all the (tech) media attention money can and can’t buy.

Nevertheless, we are having hard time understanding this trend. Do handset makers think these sort of strategies actually work? Or it’s just their way of saying FU to the competition.

I can vividly remember the day Apple announced the original iPhone at its own event taking place during the CES in Las Vegas. The minute Jobs unveiled the company’s first smartphone and what it can do, the entire CES stopped for the moment. But that was different; cause it’s not like a single company prepared an announcement — it was the entire show that was “affected” by the iPhone.

[Via: GizChina]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s kinda stupid.
    Huawei could announce a new product on some other date…

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