Novartis to turn Google’s smart lens tech into a real-world product

Novartis to turn Google's smart lens tech into a real-world product

You may remember that Google was working on a smart lens technology; well a portion of what Mountain View engineers have made has been licensed to Novartis’ eye-care subsidiary Alcon, which will try to turn it into a commercial product.

This is a mobile health story — hence I’ve talked about it at mHealth Spot — which can allow diabetics to manage their disease more easily. The lens uses non-invasive sensors to analyze tear fluid in the eye and provide measurements of a person’s blood glucose levels. This information is then sent to a smartphone or tablet, from which one could see the readings and take extra steps if needed.

Novartis also plans to use the technology in other applications, and may even try to “restore the eye’s natural autofocus” by implanting the lens directly into the eye. Sounds scary but if it can help people see better, who are we to complain.

Both Google and Novartis are pleased with the deal, saying that this tech can change the lives of millions for the good, going “beyond the confines of traditional disease management.”

A smart lens definitely sounds awesome and we can’t wait to see it hitting the market. In the meantime, we’ll make sure to keep our ears on the street and let you know as soon as we have something worth noting to add. Stay tuned…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Sounds amazing, not weird. I don’t like the “implant part” of the story, though. But just for wearing this gizmo – it’s awesome.

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