5 things to know about Apple-IBM partnership

Apple-IBM partnership

You’ve probably heard that Apple and IBM announced a global partnership to “transform enterprise mobility.” This isn’t something consumers will notice, but certain enterprises (IBM clients) will definitely “feel” the impact of this deal.

Here are five things to know about it:

1. IBM sill sell the iPhone and iPad
Under the deal, IBM will be pushing Apple’s smartphone and tablet to its enterprise and government clients. These iPhones and iPads will come with special software preloaded to make them sing along IBM solutions from day one.

2. MobileFirst
IBM will prepare an entire line-up of iOS apps called MobileFirst which will tune into over a hundred specific enterprise solutions offered by the Big Blue. The first IBM MobileFirst apps for iOS will debut this fall, with more solutions following suit in 2015.

3. Enterprise friendly service
Aside from Apple’s own services such as AppleCare, IBM will offer its own device activation and management solutions. This in turn will allow IT admins to remotely access files on connected iPhones and iPads, and wipe data if something like that is needed.

4. Win-win
This is a win-win deal for both Apple and IBM. While Cook & Co. get new clients, IBM benefits from providing improved service to its clientele and is thus able to charge them more for mobile-izing their operations.

5. The deal doesn’t exclude Android per se
The fact that IBM went to bed with Cupertino giant doesn’t mean it won’t pursue Android, as well. Going forward, IBM’s clients may require support for Google’s mobile platform and we can’t really imagine Big Blue saying no to such reasonable request.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Another win for Apple. But I’m sure Samsung is also pitching IBM…

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