Microsoft Just Killed the Android Powered Nokia X

Nokia X2

Microsoft has just chopped the head off of the Android powered Nokia X lineup, announcing that all Nokia devices will run on Windows Phone software only. Nokia X devices could still pop up however, although they won’t be running Android like the Nokia X and X2.

And that’s not surprising at all.

The Nokia X was Nokia’s foray into the Android playing field, touting the typical Nokia Lumia design complete with a customized version of Android that looks and functions like a Windows Phone device. Nokia kicked the Google Play Store off of the Nokia X, opting for its own app store instead. Although the Nokia X did fairly well in Asian and European markets, the device failed to do much to American consumers but make them scratch their heads.

The Nokia X2 was announced just a few weeks back, which will tout Android. After that, Nokia’s Android experiment will come to an end.

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