Samsung Galaxy Alpha to rock a 4.7-inch screen and a 6mm-thin body to compete head to head with the iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy Alpha (or that’s Galaxy F?) rumor. This time we’re hearing that this metal-clad device will be made to compete head to head with the forthcoming iPhone 6, boasting a 4.7-inch screen and a 6mm-thin body.

That’s right, this latest rumor claims that Sammy’s next flagship won’t have a 5.something-inch screen, but a smaller one. This in turn would allow the media to directly compare it with the next iPhone, which may not be as sexy as Samsung’s phone.

We guess that screen will be “stuck” to full HD resolution rather than going way up to QHD. Moreover, this sexy phone will use Samsung’s own Exynos chip rather than the one made by Qualcomm.

Finally, it is said that the Galaxy Alpha / Galaxy F will be announced on August 13th, which is earlier than expected. So yes – the Korean company is looking to have its device in stores before Apple does.

In any case, we can’t wait to see this phone in action. From all we’ve heard, it will be one of the best devices money can buy, sporting a slick look that should make it appealing to the wider audience (not just geeks looking for the latest bells and whistles).

[Via: KoreaHerald]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This is the iPhone killer. Want one NOW! 🙂

  • ravi1234

    if this rumor is true then i think first time samsung will be looking to face off with i phone as they will have rumored 4.7″ same screen size. and also note series 5.7″ with same outside dimensions as apple’s 5.5″ phone then will be true competition between the two. performance build quality and style hopefully renewed outlook of samsung. hope this 4.7″ will have 1080P resolution 5433 exynos octacore cpu and 3 ram gb 16Mp ois with bigger sensor size. tizen and android varient .

  • Noel

    I used to think 4.7″ screen was the sweet spot but now think a 5″ screen is the sweet spot, considering what we do with our phones these day. OEMs just have to cut down on those bezels…produce a screen to bezel ratio of about 80+%. I don’t wonna carry around a big phone full of bezels…give me a phone face full of usable screen.

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